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Hi. We're a suggestive keyboard that helps you navigate hard conversations with ease.

We are the suggestive keyboard that believes in sex.

And bodies, too.

We believe in consent and knowing ourselves, and figuring out how to talk about all of it.

All of it.

We believe in letting the shame go. We believe in overcoming the societal need to make sex dirty and wrong.

Unless, you know, it’s supposed to be dirty.

For all those times, and more, we are here. We are your guide.

We’re your Wingman because we believe that by learning how to have these hard conversations and learning more about ourselves, we can have
better connections, better conversations, and yes, better sex.

But we always keep it classy. And consensual. And safe.

And you should, too.

We are your buddy. Your sidekick.

We are your Wingman.

With Wingman Suggestive Keyboard, you'll never fly solo.


Sexy words for sexy times

We show you when things are heating up, and then suggest the right words for the right times. Friendly words for friendly times, and sexy words for sexy times.


Talk about the hard stuff (like sexual health)

Our quick and dirty how-tos help with the hard-to-talk-about topics, like STI status, pleasure and fantasies, desires and boundaries, condom preferences, and more.


Made-to-order auto-suggestions, served hot

Want to take things into your own hands? Then tune up the auto-suggestions to kinky — or down a notch. Because you should never be friend-zoned by a keyboard.


The versatile lifestyle

We’ve always got your back, and work on all your favorite apps for iPhone and iPad.

Follow the Wingman journey:

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